Empowerment of Vulnerable Older Persons Wellbeing in Kragujevac and Kraljevo Region

Project “Empowerment of Vulnerable Older Persons Wellbeing in Kragujevac and Kraljevo Region“ started in December 2018 and will last till March 2020. Project is designed for an older population living in rural areas of Serbia, to older with а disability or chronic disease, older people living alone, poor, people who receive social welfare assistance, refugees and internally displaced persons.

The project aims to contribute to wellbeing and social inclusion of older people and their lifelong learning. Proјect consists of courses and creative and sports workshops in cities of Kragujevac and Kraljevo and ten villages in the area. Four computer courses for older people are organized in Kragujevac and two in Kraljevo. Service “Domestic assistance” is provided for grown-up and older people, living in Kragujevac. Philanthropy housewives assist in food provision, maintaining personal hygiene and room’s hygiene, warming the rooms, and assistance with social, cultural and other needs of people.       

In ten villages of Kragujevac and Kraljevo creative workshops are being held: soap making, handicraft, jewelry making, decoupage technique, board games and sports activities.Villages in which workshops are in Kragujevac: Luznice, Pajazitovo, Mironic, Mala Vrbica and Gornja Grbica. Villages with workshops in Kraljevo are: Oplenic, Vrba, Beranovac, Zica and Bogutovac.  

As part of the project, two excursions will be organized to Ibar river and Studenica monastery, for older people from Kragujevac and Kraljevo. Donators are Federal Ministry of Austria - Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection and Brot für die Welt.