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FLOOD in Serbia

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Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have been affected by the cyclone Tamara with extremely heavy rain, strong wind and low temperatures. Beginning on 13 May 2014, more than 140 l/m2 of rain had fallen in Serbia until 18 May with more forecast. Record floods are occurring across northern Bosnia and Herzegovina and the entire territory of Serbia, followed by massive landslides. According to the data available in Serbia, so far 20 people have lost their lives and more than 25.000 are evacuated. The figures are rising every minute. Severe damages have occurred to power systems, drainage, water supply and sewage treatment systems, roads, bridges, and railroads. Significant agricultural and forest areas are under water. 

Why is a response needed?

In addition to the need for immediate response to save lives and livelihoods during the flood, the extent of the flooding will create serious health and welfare risks from disease and loss of agricultural production once the waters recede.

National and international response

Currently, all national services and local authorities and many public companies are fully engaged in evacuation and other life-saving responses. International agencies and other countries in the region are sending specialized rapid response services and providing emergency response funding. Central authorities have sent an open appeal for emergency assistance to the European Union. Number of countries has already provided first contingents of aid, and more is expected. First estimations put the damage costs of floods in Serbia at around € 1.5 billion.

ACT Alliance response

Philanthropy, Charitable Foundation of the Serbian Orthodox Church, International Orthodox Christian Charity (IOCC) and Church World Service (CWS), members of ACT Alliance, are planning coordinated response across the region.

Planned activities

ACT members will be providing support to soup kitchens and mobilizing large-scale delivery of hygiene and cleaning supplies to facilitate rapid clean-up and mitigate health and hygiene related problems that will emerge as soon as the waters begin to recede.




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